Cyber security

In times of ever-increasing dependence on digital solutions in an increasingly interconnected world, it has also become apparent that society has become increasingly vulnerable. This article looks at the issue of Cyber Security from the EU perspective, on how the EU handles the growing need to meet these threats that the cyber technology enables with high readiness and actionable measures. The article shows that the EU needs to achieve better unanimity on measures to combat cyber threats and on how to address and counter cyber-attacks. Despite an increased awareness of the need for good Cyber Security, today there is no real common culture of Cyber Security within the EU.

In the field of International Security, cyber-crime has become a major problem that must be taken seriously. Cyber-crime is borderless, it is about criminal acts that are using the latest technological inventions and exploit the vulnerability of our increasingly online world. By using electronic communication networks and information systems, cyber-crime reaches our basic systems that have been created for society to function effectively. They are reaching our national soul, getting into our lives in a way that never before could be possible. Intelligence communities as well as our most private information are available for this cyber-crime. The call for the authorities to establish a sufficient cyber security is profound.

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